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Have you ever experienced stress with electrical failure and the resulting production loss? Maybe your spare equipment inventory is limited and you are not prepared for circuit breaker failure. With over 25 years in the industrial maintenance and repair field, we can handle any of your parts needs. At Electrical Power, we provide new, reconditioned, and obsolete circuit breakers and motor starters complete with warranties.

We specialize in emergencies and can get your business up and running. We offer fast dependable shipping options and an after-hours emergency hotline. Don’t let a broken piece of equipment determine your success or failure. Let us help you to EmPower your business today!

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Three Ways to Extend Life of Your Equipment

Did you know that many equipment failures can be traced back to one of three main causes of electrical failures? By looking for one of these three causes first, you can often prevent a great deal of lost time and money that comes from blindly hunting down the source of the failure. Rather than waste that time and money check out our guide.

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